Few appliances have evolved more over the past decade as laundry. Today’s consumer has never had more choice in laundry design, platform configuration, options, cycles, or even color. At Brada we continue to search for that perfect balance of products that has what today’s family require at the most competitive prices, in order to stretch your hard earned dollar.

Brada front load laundry gives you a high efficiency solution to your laundry needs. Great washing performance, gentler on your clothes, kinder to the environment, and because they use much less water and electricity than a traditional top load they continue to save you money for years to come. High efficiency washers offer a better wash by gently tumbling your clothes to ensure a more complete, yet gentler agitation through the wash cycle. Front load washers are also able to spin out the water at a much faster speed than a traditional top load, and that saves you time and money when comes to drying. Brada dryers feature auto dry sensors, wrinkle prevent cycles, and flexible venting solutions. They can also be stacked or placed on pedestals to suit you needs.

Brada Laundry (Click to Enlarge)

  • Front Load Washer & 7 CF Dryer Pair - Blue Silver - BRADAFL1B
  • King Size Laundry Pair - White - BRADA1LDY
  • Brada Front Load Washer & Dryer Pair - White - BRADAFL1

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